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We are mindful of our responsibilities to the environment and the wider community, including our whole supply chain. Committed to an ethical code of conduct to guarantee constant review and improvement of our working practices, we try to ensure that any negative effects of our business practices are minimised where possible.

Clothing suppliers specifically

Having worked closely with some of the largest clothing suppliers worldwide, we can offer and support the supply of products from WRAP certified companies. WRAP is an independent, not- for-profit organisation dedicated to the certification of lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing throughout the world based on 12 key principles.

In 2005 we made a resolution here at Screenworks; we decided to encourage the use of garments supplied by Fruit of the Loom. Having become one of the largest garment suppliers worldwide, Fruit of the Loom have produced and developed their own code of conduct, “The Fruit Code”. It states that all their suppliers must satisfy certain basic requirements.

Screenworks will always attempt to provide an organic product choice where possible. We have an extensive range of organic products, and strive to accommodate the eco-friendly principles of our client base.