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Artwork Design

Our studio staff are well versed in the details of our garment selection, printing and embroidery processes. They work with our machine operators to transform your artwork into the striking printed or embroidered garment you’ve been looking for.

Converting the artwork into a digital format allows us to use more specialised tools, so that the best representation of your design is transferred onto the garment.

Usually we convert all imagery into vector format, so that the component objects can be manipulated in many ways whilst maintaining the original resolution. We produce this vector artwork using the Illustrator programme from the latest Adobe Creative Suite software (version 6). We have over 15 years’ experience using this programme, and keep abreast of new techniques for consistently excellent artwork results.

Alternatively we can work with .psd or .JPG format, used for converting hand drawn artwork or photographic imagery to digital file formats. Usually inputted via a flatbed scanner or digital camera, the source image can be edited and saved at 300dpi. This high resolution file is then manipulated in our software to create a full colour separation ready for screen printing.

Our friendly studio staff are here to guide you through the creation of your printed and embroidered artwork design, and are always happy to help.