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Screen Printing

Traditional screen printing is the best technique for vibrant, crisp colours, and it generally achieves better quality and finer detail than other processes. Screen printed clothing can be washed at 40 degrees with no complications.

Running semi-automatic presses we can produce of 20,000 printed t-shirts per day; that’s 100,000 during a standard working week with a minimum order run of 25 items.

Our staff are passionate about printed-wear and are committed to bringing your dream design to life on fabric. Features of our complex screen prints include:

  • 4 & 6 colour process – photographic reproduction onto white and light coloured garments
  • 12 colour simulated process prints – photographic reproduction onto coloured garments
  • discharge printing – a printing technique used to bleach and re-dye the fabric producing vivid colours and an extremely soft feel
  • glossed glitter printing – producing a glossy image with a coloured sparkle
  • foil printing – produces a mirrored look
  • metallic printing – produces a more matt mirrored foil finish
  • puff printing – a raised finish
  • phosphorescent – glow in the dark
  • high build – produces a sharp raised finish on the garment

Our unbranded portfolio folder is available as part of our “Working in partnership” programme, enabling you to show your clients in turn. Click here to see the full range of screen printing special effects.

Our screen printing department uses the following equipment:

  • 3 MHM S-Type automatic print presses
  • 1 M&R Performa plus 1 manual press for sampling

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