Elevate Your Merchandise with Sublimated Embroidery: The Iguana & Dragonfly Design

Discover the latest in garment decoration innovation with Screenworks. Each month, we push the boundaries of design, and this month, we’re showcasing the mesmerising combination of sublimated embroidery and applique techniques in our stunning iguana and dragonfly creation.

Here’s a look into how we’ve achieved this unique 3D effect:

Step 1: Conceptualisation & Design Digitisation

Our journey to creating this unique 3D effect begins with brainstorming sessions with our art & production teams.

Once the design is locked in, we swiftly digitise it for precision machine embroidery. This initial step lays the foundation, embroidering the white polyester thread base with its intricate details, setting the stage for the magic to unfold.

Step 2: Dragonfly applique embroidery

With the base ready, we move on to embroider the clear applique and dragonfly design onto the garment, ensuring every stitch is flawless. The use of clear applique brings depth and texture to the wings, elevating the design to appear almost lifelike.

Step 3: Full-colour image printing

In the meantime, we print the full-colour design on a specialist paper required for sublimation. The design always comes with a bleed outline to make sure it covers the embroidery completely.

Step 4: Sublimation printing

Now comes the moment of transformation. With the printed design cut to precision, we delicately transfer it onto the garment using a sublimation press. This innovative process bonds the ink to the polyester thread, seamlessly integrating the vibrant colours with the textured embroidery.

Step 5: Quality Assurance & Presentation

Before unveiling our creation to the world, we meticulously inspect every detail, ensuring perfection at every stitch. In just a few streamlined steps, we’ve transformed a photo into a truly unique 3D photorealistic print effect, which brings the design to life!

This design was created on a set-in sleeve, Build Your Own Brand: Unisex crew neck sweater which is 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester and is a firm favourite for its soft wearing comfort.

Some things to consider before diving in:
  • Sublimated embroidery thrives on dark garments, as the artwork requires a bleed to fully integrate with the embroidered base.
  • The technique requires 100% polyester thread to maximise the technique’s potential.
  • It’s ideal for showcasing vibrant, detailed designs, making it perfect for photos and intricate patterns.
Ready to elevate your promotional merchandise? Here are some exciting usage ideas:
  • Hats, bags, and synthetic fabric items are perfect canvases for this technique.
  • Tap into seasonal trends with themed designs for Christmas or celebrate diversity with Pride-themed creations.
  • Make a statement / stand out at special events, music festivals, and children’s wear with eye-catching, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Watch the process come to life in our video below!

If you’re still unsure how to incorporate this technique within your marketing, our team is available to help you through the process.


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