Dye sublimation

One of our most flexible decoration techniques, dye sublimation produces prints with vivid colours, a super soft finish and to top it off edge-to-edge printing is possible on almost all garments. With no design limitations, it can be used on a huge variety of products, from running vests and cycle jerseys, to tea towels and blankets.

The geeky bit…

  • How it works – Man-made fabrics react with our inks when heated. The pores in the fabric fibres open up and the inks turn into gas. The ink permeates into the fabric and as the temperature cools the pores close up again, trapping the now solidified dyes inside. Magic!
  • Permanent, durable decoration – Ideal for sportswear, this decoration technique can be used on many substrates and will not fade or degrade. It will look as good as it did the day it was produced for years to come.
  • OEKO 100 certificated inks – The process doesn’t contain any harmful substances and there’s no waste water. It is considered one of the most eco-friendly printing processes available.
  • Key selling points
    • Digital reproduction
    • Low set-up cost
    • Permanent solution
    • Super vibrant

Check out our Special effects

Sublimation printing examples