Embroidery is a luxurious and hard wearing branding option for higher end products, like workwear that needs to stand the test of time. Designs can be in almost any position and feature up to 15 colours, including special effect colours such as metallic or glow-in-the-dark (see our Special effects page for more info).

The geeky bit…

  • Digitisation – Before we can embroider, we turn your design into a stitch pattern using our specialist embroidery software. This process is called digitising and creates the program that tells the embroidery machine where to stitch, what to stitch and which colours to use.
  • Embroidery – Once the design has been digitised, we produce a sample swatch of your branding to make sure it looks top-notch. Your design is then handed to our skilled team for full production on our embroidery machines.
  • Something a bit different – The most common stitches used in embroidery are satin stitches, run stitches and fill stitches. In addition to these, there is a vast range of other stitch types, thread types and techniques that can help make your design standout. Some of the most effective are techniques such as 3D embroidery or appliqué.

Check out our Special effects

Embroidery examples