Customised clothing

No time or budget for a full bespoke garment but still want to give your order the wow factor? Our customisation service is for you! Cleverly sourced products in similar styles and colour combos, coupled with ingenious branding additions for a bespoke feel, without the price tag or lead time.

How it works

Concept pitch
Stage 1

First things first, our creative team do their homework to understand your brand – researching and crafting a creative concept that’s guaranteed to wow.

Product sourcing
Stage 2

Next, we source the perfect products, pulling together items that work in harmony. This includes items in similar styles and colours that look as if they were made for each other.

Stage 3

Then, we work our magic, printing or embroidering your design onto your garments. The styling and colour of the branding can be used as accent colours throughout the garments.

Stage 4

Finally, we put the icing on the cake with a range of customised additions – zippers, buttons, labels and more.

Hey presto!
Stage 5

A considered, branded, bespoke-like range is yours, at a fraction of the price.

Customisation examples