Organic clothing

We're working hard to be part of a clothing industry that adopts a more sustainable approach to every stage of the manufacturing process. We understand that it can be a confusing subject for our clients and that’s why we have already done all the research and hard work for you. By partnering with a range of organic and recycled clothing brands, we can offer you sustainably produced garments that are fairly produced at a great price!

Recycled Clothing

Regatta Honestly Made

Regatta Professional has been home to our Honesty Made collection since 2019. The whole range is made from plastic bottles and so far 3,159,435 bottles have been saved from going into landfill sites.

By creating Honestly Made, Regatta became the first company in the workwear industry to have waterproof products made entirely from recycled fabric. They’re also the only workwear brand to offer 100% recycled fabrics and insulation.

Each garment in the range began its life as a plastic bottle, sourced from a recycling centre. The bottles are shredded and melted down in order to be spun into fibres, then into thread, before being woven into a fabric which can made into a garment.

Result Genuine Recycled

The new exciting Genuine Recycled collection showcases Result’s commitment to produce sustainable, ethical garments whose yarn production gives off fewer emissions and consumes less energy and water than conventional yarns.

Every garment in the range is made from as close to 100% recycled materials as possible. Result works with certified partners to create fibres made from recycled plastic, allowing Result to calculate, based on a single size L garment, the number of equivalent 1 litre bottles that would have been sent to landfill.

As with all Result ranges, all aspects of manufacture and practice have been checked to meet their high standards for a respectful, secure work environment with reasonable hours, good wage and work conditions.

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