Put the finishing touches on your order with branded labels, neck label printing and swing tags. It’s a great way to put the cherry on top of your order and give your garments a retail feel. Our skilled team of machinists can add new labels just about anywhere on the garment or replace existing labels with your brand labels. These creative tweaks to your garment can take it from a standard off the shelf product to a unique product with a bespoke feel.

The geeky bit…

  • Relabelling – Our skilled team can flawlessly remove the original label and replace it with your own printed or woven label. We also offer special effect labels – embossed, rubberised or heat sealed – so your garments feel totally bespoke.
  • Labels – Provide your own labels or we’ll make them to order (min. order starts at 1,000 labels, but we can keep overs in stock for future jobs).  
  • Swing tags – Get your garments retail-ready with a branded swing tag. These can be added to new and original labels before we pack your order and send it on its way to you.
  • Neck label printing – If labels aren’t your thing, a savvy, cost-effective option is to print directly onto the inside neck instead.

Check out our Special effects

Relabelling & neck label examples