Meet the team

At Screenworks, we thrive on great relationships. Our friendly team are known for their dedication, knowledge, energy and enthusiasm and we’re always ready to go the extra mile, find the right solutions and add value at every opportunity.

Duncan Gilmour
Owner & Managing Director
Perfectionist & Textile Geek
T: 01440 766 332 E: [email protected]
Matt Daines
Commercial Director
Solutions Super Hero
T: 01440 766 333 E: [email protected]
Alan Porter
Operations Director
Commander of Operations (with the guns to match)
T: 01440 847 795 E: [email protected]
Sheila Ledain
Management Accountant
I'll put that in a Spreadsheet!
T: 01440 766 330 E: [email protected]
Debbie West
Office Manager
The Queen Bee
T: 01440 766 335 E: [email protected]
Morgan Harvey
Key Account Manager
Style Guru & Eternal Optimist
T: 01440 766 336 E: [email protected]
Joe White
Key Account Manager
Company Cupcake
T: 01440 760 117 E: [email protected]
Rocky Bowater
Junior Account Manager
Did somebody say football?
T: 01440 766 339 E: [email protected]
Penny Noble
Account Manager
Coffee Lover
T: 01440 760 122 E: [email protected]
Rachel MacPhail
Senior Sales Administrator
Ready to go the Extra Mile
T: 01440 760 115 E: [email protected]
Emily Anderson
Key Account Manager
Ready to go the Extra Mile
T: 01440 760 120 E: [email protected]
Tommy Newton
Production Manager
Aye Aye Captain
T: 01440 766 334 E: [email protected]
Daniel Porter
Production Pre-Flight & Technical Coordinator
Pixel Geek
T: 01440 760 121 E: [email protected]
Chris Kennedy
Production Leading Hand
i-dotter & t-crosser
T: 01440 760 123 E: [email protected]
David Fox
IT Manager
Tech Wizard & BBQ King
T: 01440 766 337 E: [email protected]
Shaun Jackson
Sales Support Assistant
New Kid on the Block
T: 01440 760 125 E: [email protected]