Transfer printing

Perfect for printing on man-made fibres and unusual shapes and sizes, vinyl transfer printing is also great for smaller runs as there’s no set-up fee. Plus, there are a whole range of special effect options.

The geeky bit…

  • How it works – There are loads of options when it comes to transfers and which one you use will depend on the product you want decorated and how many you need. The easiest way to think of transfers are super high quality stickers that are bonded to your chosen garments.
  • Types of transfers – The most common transfers nowadays are vinyl transfers, which, are produced by printing your design digitally onto vinyl. The vinyl is then cut and applied to your garments using heat. Other types of transfer are lithographic transfers for large print runs and the more traditional type of screen printed transfer.
  • Suitable products – Transfers are so versatile and can be applied to just about anything. If we can get it on our machine, we can print on it! Anything from a cap, to a laptop bag, right through to belts or gloves. Transfers will stick to just about anything but just watch out for fabrics with waterproof treatments as they can be a problem.
  • Key Selling points
    • Low MOQ’s possible
    • Works on a variety of fabrics
    • Low set-up costs
    • Suitable for short runs
    • Works on awkward shaped products

Check out our Special effects

Transfer printing examples