Growing Green with Seeded Paper

At Screenworks, we understand the importance of making sustainable choices in every aspect of life. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our Seeded Swing Tags, manufactured with the innovative seeded paper. This paper is embedded with a variety of seeds, allowing your swing tags to transform into a beautiful garden after they’ve served their primary purpose.

Customisation for a Personal Touch

Seeded Swing Tags are highly customisable, available in any shape or size to cater to your specific branding needs. Whether you want to convey a green message, showcase your corporate logo, or share a sustainable initiative, these swing tags provide the perfect canvas for your brand’s identity. The full-colour printing option, available on one or both sides, ensures that your message stands out vibrantly.

Engaging Children with Nature

The interactive nature of Seeded Swing Tags goes beyond mere aesthetics. They serve as a unique and engaging way to connect children with nature. As recipients follow the simple 4-step process to turn the Seeded Paper into a blossoming display, they not only learn about the growth of flowers but also develop an appreciation for the environment. It’s an educational experience that fosters a love for nature and instills sustainable values from a young age.

Sow the Seeds of Eco-Friendliness

Unlike traditional swing tags that end up in the trash, Seeded Swing Tags encourage responsible disposal. In just a few easy steps, recipients can transform the tag into a mini garden, contributing to the growth of flowers that benefit bees, insects, and the wider ecosystem. This hands-on approach to sustainability not only reinforces your brand’s commitment to the environment but also adds a memorable and lasting touch to your product.

Key Points that Define Seeded Swing Tags

  • Any Shape – Choose the size and shape that best suits your brand and product.
  • Brandable – Vibrant bespoke branding allows your brand message to shine through.
  • Variety of Seeds – A range of seeds to customise the type of flowers that will bloom.
  • Fully Biodegradable – The entire swing tag is fully biodegradable.
  • UK Manufactured – Proudly made in the UK, our tags meet the highest standards.

In a world where every small step counts, Seeded Swing Tags by Screenworks offer a sustainable and impactful way to make your brand stand out. By choosing our innovative swing tags, you not only promote your products but also contribute to a greener and healthier planet. It’s time to make a statement – a statement that speaks volumes about your brand’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Sow the seeds of change with Seeded Swing Tags from Screenworks and watch your brand blossom in the hearts of your customers.

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The Plastic Problem

Single-use plastics, with their fleeting usefulness, pose a long-lasting threat to our planet. Despite their short lifespan, these plastics persist in the environment for hundreds of years, contributing significantly to the global plastic waste crisis. Shockingly, almost half of the plastic waste found in nature comes from single-use plastic packaging, and with only 9% of plastic waste being recycled, the problem is escalating.

Screenworks’ Sustainable Solution

 As part of our commitment to environmental stewardship, we are proud to introduce a lightweight paper bag crafted specifically for clothing and merchandise packaging. These bags are sourced in accordance with FSC™ Chain of Custody standards, ensuring that they are made from responsibly managed materials sourced from FSC™ certified forests, recycled material, or controlled wood.

Key Selling Points

 1. Strength and Transparency:

Our bags are made of 21.5#/35 GSM transparent FSC™ certified paper, ensuring durability while allowing for visual inspection and manual barcode scanning.

 2. Curbside Recyclability: Committed to closing the loop, our bags are made from 100% FSC™ certified paper and are curbside recyclable, promoting a circular economy.

3. Durability: Crafted from robust paper, our bags are designed to withstand the demands of the supply chain, providing a reliable and eco-friendly packaging solution.

 4. Full-Width Adhesive: The bags feature a full-width, recyclable, paper-based adhesive strip, further enhancing their eco-friendly credentials.

5. Weather-Resistance: Protect your garments from the elements – our bags are weather-resistant, guarding against humidity and moisture during transit.

6. Concealed Vent Hole: Allowing your package to breathe during transit, our bags feature a concealed vent hole, ensuring the integrity of your products.

Customization Options

As the cherry on top, Screenworks offers the option to customise your paper bags with your corporate logo, product description, and barcodes. With a wide variety of sizes available, there’s a perfect bag for every product, allowing you to showcase your brand while contributing to a greener planet.

Make a positive impact on the environment and your brand image by choosing Screenworks’ sustainable paper bags. Let’s work together to make a difference and pave the way for a more eco-conscious fashion industry. The future of packaging is here – and it’s paper, not plastic.

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